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The Professional PA/ Secretarial Course was very helpful in my job description. I have learned about myself and how to handle co-workers. Dr De Beer, De Jager

The Office Management Course was excellent. It is very practical and everything you learn you can implement into the workplace. UNISA

The Human Resource Management Course gives you a better understanding of certain issues within HR which can be implemented within your company. Labournet
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Laughter Yoga Laughter Yoga
Dr Kataria did research in 1995 to determine what effect laughing has on us. The results were so astounding he decided to develop Laughter Yoga
Laughter Yoga started with 5 people in 1995 and has now spread worldwide to more than 60 countries and millions of people laugh per day.

According to research 80% of illnesses are caused by stress.
When we are stressed the brain releases adrenalin and cortisol which is not good for the body.

William Fry M.D. a Stanford University Medical School Professor has studied the effects of laughter upon the human body. He finds that laughter gives the heart a workout, supplies the lungs with oxygen, stimulates the brain, actives the immune system and suppresses stress hormones. He says that laughing 100-200 times a day is the cardiovascular equivalent of rowing for ten minutes.

Researchers at Indiana State University studied women who laughed out loud to funny films, as compared to those watching a boring tourism video. They found that when samples of Natural Killer immune cells (which attack cancer cells) were mixed with cancer cells, the immune systems of the people who laughed out loud were BOOSTED BY UP TO 40%, compared to those who had watched the tourism film. Dr Mary Bennett who led the research said, "This could be clinically important. The use of humour to stimulate laughter could be an effective complementary therapy to decrease stress and improve natural killer cell activity in persons with viral illness or cancer."
America Medical Journal and AATH

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This is only offered as an Inhouse Course for 4 or more delegates.
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