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The Professional PA/ Secretarial Course was very helpful in my job description. I have learned about myself and how to handle co-workers. Dr De Beer, De Jager

The Office Management Course was excellent. It is very practical and everything you learn you can implement into the workplace. UNISA

The Human Resource Management Course gives you a better understanding of certain issues within HR which can be implemented within your company. Labournet
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Project Management Project Management
Project Management is a fantastic tool to keep you on track and informed when managing a project. Part 1 of the course, which takes 1 day, covers the basics including, the background of MS Project, how to define a project, adding resources to the project plan, and project budgets and cash flows.
Part two will cover the actual implementation of the project including understanding tweaking of a project plan, working with baselines and what baselines are. We ensure that you understand how to track your projects, printing and viewing reports as well as extra features that will enhance your Project reports.

This is only offered as an Inhouse Course for 4 or more delegates.
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